14th International IONS Conference

Lawrence Ellis

Lawrence Ellis

Lawrence Ellis is a complexity-science organizational consultant (one who applies insights from the study of complex systems in nature, science, and society to human organizations) and a spiritual activist. Ellis received early training in both fields at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. His websites are LawrenceEllis.org and PathsToChange.net.


Presentation by Lawrence Ellis

Thursday Pre-Conference Institute:

T4 The Hidden Science: Healing for our Planet

In recent decades, complexity science has “discovered” that radical interconnectedness is central to fundamental systems throughout our world, spurring advances in fields from neurobiology to organizational dynamics. Yet many wisdom traditions have, for millennium, made interconnectedness central to their worldviews and lifestyles. In this session we will use several modalities to explore the following: distinctions between material science and wisdom science; ancient and contemporary insights into practices for embodying interconnectedness; the epochal shifts in ecological and human systems our planet is undergoing; and the next steps for navigating these shifts.

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