14th International IONS Conference

Daryl Bem, PhD

Daryl Bem

Daryl Bem, PhD, obtained his BA in physics from Reed College and his PhD in social psychology from the University of Michigan. He has taught at Carnegie-Mellon, Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell, retiring in 2007. Bem has published articles on psi (ESP), selfperception, attitude change, and sexual orientation.


Presentations by Daryl Bem

Wednesday Pre-Conference Institute:

W3 Back to the Future: Evidence and Implications of Precognition

Are our thoughts, actions, and behaviors influenced by future events? Accumulating scientific evidence suggests that the answer is “yes.” This workshop will explore the nature of this evidence, what it might mean for our understanding of consciousness and our personal decisions, and if it is possible to learn how to become more sensitive to future events.

Friday/Saturday Breakout Sessions:

B2 Quantum Mind-Matter Interaction

The “quantum measurement problem” refers to the well-accepted fact that an observed quantum object behaves differently than an unobserved quantum object. There are various interpretations of “observed” in this context, but one strong possibility is that it involves conscious awareness. Hundreds of experiments conducted over the past half-century have tested whether this idea is correct. The cumulative evidence suggests that it is.

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