11 January 2016
Communications Team

From the 2015 Science & Nonduality (SAND) conference

In this panel convened at the 2015 Science and Nonduality (SAND) conference, Deepak Chopra facilitates a discussion on the nature of consciousness. This freewheeling conversation touches on  a variety of topics, including mathematics as fundamental to reality, mind beyond the personal, exploration via subjectivity and more.

The panel consists of:

7 January 2016
Communications Team

A video of the 2015 SAND panel discussion

At the 2015 Science and Nonduality (SAND) conference, five leading scientists came together to discuss the complex topic of consciousness.

Facilitated by A.H. Almaas, the panel participants articulated their specific theories of consciousness, seeking to identify areas of commonality while also developing meaning from the differences in perspective. The panel consists of:

31 December 2015
Arnaud Delorme

The connection between brain, mind and body has fueled scientific debate over the past few centuries. At IONS, it is one of our primary hypotheses that consciousness goes beyond the brain. Unlike ontological religious or spiritual beliefs, it is a scientific hypothesis, which we believe, can be tested using the scientific method and the modern tools of science.

17 December 2015
Helané Wahbeh

Meditation has been used as a transformational tool for thousands of years. In the West, meditation is a new practice that has increased in popularity over the last couple decades. Meditation research allows us to see exactly how it works and how it may improve our health and lives using rigorous scientific methods. I’ve been excited to study meditation research ever since I first tried it. I’ve always had a curious and inquisitive mind and wanted to know how things worked. This curiosity led me to become a naturopathic physician and then a clinical researcher.

9 December 2015
Claudia Welss

Twenty years ago I was distributing research by the Union of Concerned Scientists to global executives of major corporations at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, trying to get their attention and hoping to influence their policies. The research concluded we had twenty years before Earth and humanity reached a climate tipping point, beyond which there was no turning back.

3 December 2015
Adrian David Nelson

Four years after releasing my documentary Reality and the Extended Mind, and 350 thousand views later, I recently reflected on the life-changing story of how it all came about…


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