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Telepathy Between Couples: Is It Real?

by IONS Research Team

Happy Valentine's Day!

On this day when we traditionally celebrate love and affection, we're delighted to share a new article about the science behind psychic connections. IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin and some of his colleagues were interviewed for this article in Discovery News, which features research done by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
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  • Anonymous Icon

    sybilions Feb 17, 2013

    My telepathy experience has progressed from being stimulated to talk about a person (usually some negative comment!) only to turn and find that person behind me, to a recognition of a slight sense of pressure and presence, a thought of someone, triggering me to pay attention. Mostly I just say "hi" in acknowledgement to whoever and whatever activated the impulse. The second type comes in the form of action, apparently in response to people to whom I'm close. Sometimes it's suddenly wanting to leave the party, or offering someone water, or turning off music or tv, and getting a comment such as "how did you know that was just what I wanted."
    This may be connected to rapport states, and/or as Dean Radin suggested, entanglement. My experience suggests my telepathy is conducted through the same channels that conduct emotional information. None of this precludes my earlier experience of great force, related to a loved one receiving a life shock.

  • Joseph Smith May 10, 2013

    I met my fourth wife two weeks after my third wife walked out. It was like meeting an old friend I'd not seen for a long time. We sat and chatted for hours. I asked Karen to hike with me to Multnomah Falls, which is near Portland, Oregon.

    We were sitting on a log on the trail chatting. Karen blurted out: "I want ours to be a platonic relationship." My response: "Outside of my family, I don't have platonic relationships with women." At that moment, the sky turned black in the northwest. We hurried back to the car, to learn that Mt. St. Helens had erupted.

    Fifteen years later, Karen came to me with an astrological compatibility report, one of those computer printouts from a software program. In the report I read, "The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you."

    As for the eruption, legend tells us of the Phoenix, a bird that immolates itself on a pyre and from the ashes is reborn to live another cycle of years. It is seen as an emblem of reborn idealism or hope.

  • Joseph Smith May 10, 2013

    My fourth wife Karen and I have been happily married 33 years. We are spiritually united. Karen says she is not at all on my scientific wavelength but frequently brings me information on the very subject I'm researching. Both of us think something and the other comments on the very thing we are thinking. I'll say something like, "I think we ought to go out to dinner tonight." Karen says, "I put that thought in your head."

  • Anonymous Icon

    science01 Jun 21, 2013

    one of my very close friend stays out of town but i feel connected to him every second as if i can literally sense his mood swings! if anything goes wrong with him, i just call him up and he comes up with his story... it felt funny in beginning to me but now i want to know what is this happening with me!! it does not happen with every person i have around me but with them only with whom i feel very strong connection.. i heard somewhere that soul is like a a very thin thread that passes through everyone connecting every soul.. if that theory is correct, will it be wrong if i say that we feel very strong connection with those with whom are soul thread connection reciprocates strongly? please tell me if our soul connection has anything to do with our sub-conscious mind or it is ruledd by an entirely different level of ourself which is yet to be discovered..

  • Anonymous Icon

    DawnFrostt Aug 19, 2013

    My boyfriend and I seem to have this "telepathy" from the first moment we met. And it continues, now for more than a year. Both of us being mostly of scientific backgrounds are always amazed and amused when it happens. We have both discussed, based upon our knowledge of sciences, psychology, and more eastern thought, have come to the conclusion (before reading this or watching "I AM"), of an evolvement of electromagnetism communication. I'd like to thank all those involved for their vision, bravery and hardwork in forging this new path (noetic science). But I fear, a kin to psychology's struggle, that recognition from the "hard sciences" may come too late. Our world is currently more negative, money driven, and short sighted. So, to this I ask you: what can be done to increase the popularity and understanding of connectedness as we have come to know it? Thank you, Dawn.

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