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Moving from Vision to Action for a World Transformed

by Alan Pierce

How do you envision a world transformed? This is the question that sparked the beginning dialogue at a recent meeting of four like-minded organizations in Sedona, Arizona.

Cassandra Vieten, Katia Petersen, and I, Alan Pierce, held the space for IONS at this gathering, and we had the privilege of joining representatives from Greenheart International (who generously organized and facilitated the meeting), the Theosophical Society in America, and Integral Transformative Practice International (ITPI). We spent four days together exploring organizational synergies and potential collaborative pathways towards expanding and enhancing the wave of transformation already building across the globe.

Ideas and aspirations swirled forth from this visionary inquiry: a world transformed practices radical inclusion; a world transformed lives locally; a world transformed embodies its ideals; a world transformed encourages imagination and creativity, creating space for joyful, conscious, celebration. The list is long. But where does this list stand in the present, and how can we fulfill the visions of this new paradigm we wish to live within?

Creating a shared sacred space for transformative discourse and planning not only set in motion the collaborative wheels of creativity, but nurtured a deeper relationship as well. The process cultivated an interpersonal connection to the compassionate people and passionate hearts behind each organization.

In this vein, one of the most potent aspects to the creative synergy of our circle was the intergenerational nature of the group. From millennials to baby boomers and everything in between, the open mixture of generational worldviews combined to generate an amazing flow of innovation in action. For me, being a part of a dialogue encompassing such diverse wisdom was powerful, humbling, and ultimately empowering.

One of the themes that flowed fervently through these discussions was the recognition of a need for increased youth engagement. More specifically, how could this engagement be achieved in an impactful and enduring way?

While it is too early to relay details of any plans, it has become apparent to me that the action steps we were talking about were two-tiered in nature. Firstly, a world transformed entails intervention on a global scale to address areas of acute need (e.g., access to education). Secondly, the dynamics of the interventions we spoke about also do something much more profound—they promote an enduring transformative shift.

In other words, by focusing on shifting individual consciousness today, we are planting and nurturing seeds of change that will grow into the collective energy and focus that promotes and sustains a mindful next generation. Because as we reach out to those living in this present time, we’re also reaching out to the unborn, to the generation that will be brought up by the values of today’s youth and inspired by the actions of today’s elders.

Transformative programs like ITPI, IONS Worldview Explorations, Greenheart Transforms, and Greenheart Cultural Exchange address current needs. They also collectively act as a form of enduring prevention: they help prevent perpetuation of the existing paradigm. By shifting our attention to the root of transformation, to ourselves as individuals, such programs (and the many others like them) hold the potential to spark and sustain a global consciousness-raising movement.

Our IONS team members, and indeed our whole group, left the gathering feeling invigorated and inspired by the unfolding possibilities for transforming our world, and the emerging practical avenues for realizing them. In the spirit of the impassioned inertia we set in motion that weekend, and my own perspective on the empowering nature of it, I turn to you, the reader, to address your contribution to this transformative evolution.

I began this blog with an inquiry to you about your vision for a world transformed. Now, I’ll end with an inquiry that brings those visions into the present moment and invites you to step mindfully into this burgeoning wave of transformation.

What can you do to be a part of a world transformed?

One way you can do this is to join the discussion and spark more dialogue! We invite you to comment below and share your passion and your action for a world transformed. Feel free to include the work of any other transformative organizations that particularly inspire you.

Further Exploration

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Special thanks to consultant Lori Fleming for providing the photos of this meeting and for her treasured contribution to our circle. More about her unique and valuable services can be found here:

  • Anonymous Icon

    jonjenkins Jan 18, 2014

    It seems that there are many groups around the world working in the same direction. I think it would be a good idea if meetings of the sort you describe should occur every year, bringing together representatives from many different organisations. I recently came across the work of the Global Coherence Initiative:

    "The Global Coherence Initiative is designed to help individuals and groups work together, synchronistically and strategically to increase the impact of their efforts to create positive global change".

    They can be found at

  • Anonymous Icon

    listening Aug 29, 2014

    I agree, "By shifting our attention to the root of transformation, to ourselves as individuals..." is key. And organizations after all, are comprised of "individuals" too. I find inspiration in what others in concert or "alone" share toward a global consciousness-raising movement. But ultimately, I must change "myself". I've read at some point the boundaries disappear.

    Thank you for the opportunity to listen and see from others' perspectives here.

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