IONS People

Faculty & Staff

President’s Office

Cassandra Vieten – President/CEO
Amy Benz – Executive Assistant

General Administration

Johnny Calvert – Chief Financial Officer
Jane Halpin – Accounting Manager
Pamela Cole – HR Administration

Erika Bjune – Chief Information Officer
Rolando Pintro – Director of Information Technology
Rusty Shores – Operations Manager

Research Department

Cassandra Vieten – Acting Executive Director of Research
Dean Radin – Chief Scientist
Arnaud Delorme – Research Scientist
Jenny Mathews – Research and Conference Coordinator
Charlene Farrell – Research Assistant
Leena Michel – Research Assistant
Alan Pierce – Research Assistant
Michael Bloch – Visiting Scholar

Education Department

Katia Petersen – Executive Director of Education
Kathleen Erickson-Freeman – Elder Education Program Manager
Jenny Mathews – Education and Conference Coordinator
Mollie Robertson – Education and Research Assistant

Development Department

Tiffany Mitchell – Associate Development Director
Cathy Coleman – Global Community Liaison and Planned Giving Associate
Christie Larson – Membership Coordinator
Jeanine Ackerly – Member Services

EarthRise Retreat Center

Lisa Batto – General Manager
Tanya Robertson – Events Manager
Andrea Livingston – Guest Services
Kara Morton – Events Assistant
Trecey Chittenden – Executive Chef
Deborah Day – Food and Beverage Manager
Rey Hernandez – Lead Room Attendant
Carmen Dominguez – Room Attendant
Andrea Hernandez – Room Attendant
Pat Baugh – Lead Maintenance
Daniel Bell – Maintenance
Christine Falcon – Resident Caretaker
Jake Daigle – Resident Caretaker / Gardener

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Edgar Mitchell – Founder
Cassandra Vieten – President/CEO
Stacey Lawson – Chair
Richard Bishop – Vice-Chair
Lou Leeburg – Treasurer
Mark Calhoun – Secretary
Betsy Gordon
Amy Benz – Staff Liaison

Committee Chairs

Lou Leeburg – Finance Committee/Audit Committee
Betsy Gordon – Land Committee
Cassandra Vieten – Science Committee
Richard Cohn – Education Committee
Valentine Giraud-Robben – Next Generation Committee

Bob Blackstone
Harriet Crosby
Jim Jensen
Bill Sechrest – Past Chair
Paulina Temple
George Zimmer – On Sabbatical

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