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EarthRise at IONS


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The Institute’s emphasis on personal and collective transformation finds a physical home at EarthRise, our retreat center/hilltop campus, located one hour north of San Francisco. This ecologically conscious campus of lodging and meeting spaces offers clients and registrants a place to explore their inner life and to learn new skills while in community with others. To facilitate such personal work, EarthRise features a labyrinth, sweat lodge, meditation hut, organic meals, and numerous nature trails winding through its 200 acres of beautiful Northern California countryside. Profound shifts in consciousness have taken place in this special environment. The Institute’s research and educational programs are fundamentally integrated with the Retreat Center, offering blended learning experientials that promote individual and collective transformation.

IONS Research & Education - River Campus


The Institute of Noetic Sciences moved our research and education offices to the Foundry Wharf business park in downtown Petaluma in March 2011, after ten years on our hilltop campus a few miles south. By establishing a second campus IONS vacated space at EarthRise, enabling the retreat center to meet increased demand for full-service conference facilities.

The Foundry Wharf complex was developed in 1908 to house Corliss Gas Engine Works and became an important shipping hub for the area’s dairy and egg farms. Purchased by the Hahke family in the early 1980s to help preserve Petaluma’s waterfront history, Foundry Wharf maintains an industrial warehouse feel in an eclectic group of buildings converted with modern features for business use.

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